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Power your data with Qubida Platform. Give decision makers direct access to data and enable deep dive with self service analytics to discover new insights.


Monitor your supply chain end-to-end and identify problems and bottlenecks
before they reach critical processes. Gain real time visibility into your supply
chain. Make your operations more efficient with an agile Supply Chain.

• Prioritize orders and backlog •

• Track project costs vs. budget •

• Inventory management •

• Production Optimization •

• Improve channel acquisition •


Retail revolution is truly underway and the customer without ever stepping into
your store has made the purchase decision - through digital information
channels and digital devices. Get visibility into the new age customer that will
have a positive impact on your business.

• Track website analytics •

• Optimize point of sale analytics •

• Forecast inventory with precision •

• Track inventory in real time •

• Measure profitability •


Bundle wars, the power and impact of real-time social networks. Nowadays it is a never ending inflow of new players into the market make it essential for Telco companies to really understand their current and future customers and respond quickly.

Qubida Platform enables Telcos to boost customer loyalty, enhance retention & reduce churn. You will see dramatic operational efficiencies and be able to support new business models.

Qubida Platform enables:

• Real-time cross-selling opportunity identification •

• Significantly reduce customer churn and enable upselling opportunity detection •

• Send effective acquisition and retention campaigns that intelligently match the right customers with the right products •

• Real-time fraud detection and invoice reconciliation •

Connect, Discover, Decide.

Qubida Platform.

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