September 25,2017


CLARITY - Latest News on Qubida Platform

Data Connectors

  • New connectors released; InfluxDB, IBM DB2, Teradata. We are very happy to announce we have added KDB.

Data Preparation

  • Improvements on two Transformers (Filter and Union).
  • Regarding filter we now allow a wider range of possibilities (allowing the user to differentiate the priority of the filters to use). For Union the User Experience has been improved, the engine is now able to recognize the columns from each table the user wants to Union, avoiding the point and click for each column to match.

Data Export

  • New feature to Export a Hive table to CSV via SSH has been added to the platform.

Data Upload

  • Tab separated values (TSV) and Pipe separated values (PSV) are now supported.

Admin Section

  • Storage from HDFS is now shown in the Admin Area (Total vs Used storage). This information will help Admins to easily monitor how big the data lake is becoming.

Visual Machine Learning

  • The development of this new module is underway. We will provide the user with a way to create Machine Learning work-flows on Spark with a drag and drop feature. This exciting module is coming in October.

COMING EVENT - Strata + Hadoop World Singapore (5 - 7 Dec 2017)

  • Strata + Hadoop World is the world's leading conference where the best learnings about Big Data, Machine Learning, and Data-Driven organisations happen.
  • Read more about it here.



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