August 17,2017

Datalynx Malaysia making all the right connections

Sean Hogan

Yesterday at ASEAN Data Analytics Exchange (ADAX), together with Sheryl Yeow, Hanina Abdul Rahim and Simran Kaur (f.r.t.l) signing the participation of Datalynx Group in the DataStar initiative: A 6 months paid finishing school for graduates that includes 2 months of intensive data science enablement and mentorship with experienced data scientist and placement at industry partners. A program driven by ASEAN Data Analytics eXchange (an Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) initiative) in partnership with universities and leading industry partners to fast track the development of Data Professionals that meet the needs of the industry.

(For more information: We're happy Ph.D. Wei Zeng Low joined our Team in Malaysia as "DataStar", pursuing the Enterprise Data Scientist track, also integrating Qubida Analytics Platform - into his learning program, to help companies gaining valuable information from their data.

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